Sell Your Mp3 Beats Online

If You Have Your Own Beats or If You
Are Just Learning to Create Beats,
You Can Make Real Cash Selling
and Leasing Your Beats Online


Why You Should Consider Selling Beats

There are millions of people around the world who are interested in your style of music, and can afford to pay for access to your beats. Selling your beats online is a realistic way of making a full-time income, or making additional cash to support your beat-making activities.

How Much Do Beats Cost?

One thing you will need to learn is how much to charge for your beats. You have to get this right. Watch the video below to see how much money you can make and should make for your music. This video is from Mike Lightner, a music producer and internet entrepreneur who has made life-changing money selling beats online for more than 5 years.



Proof of Opportunity

Mike also has a free video in which he reveals his secrets for getting massive traffic to his website, where he sells his beats. Clearly, Mike and his business partner Elliot Waite are not fooling around. This video contains valuable, free information, and we recommend anyone who is serious about selling his (or her) beats, should take a look.

Don’t Just Sell Your Own Beats

With the knowledge offered up in “How to Sell Your Beats Online Like a Pro,” you can even setup a clearing house site where you can sell other people’s beats for a percentage. Cut your own deals! Click here to access the free video.



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