Still Chasing Cheap Traffic

How You Can Start Getting
Unlimited Internet Traffic

If you’re not getting the web traffic and making the kind of money that your product or service deserves to be generating for your business, watch the video below.

This video describes a phenomenon the great Internet Marketer Jonathan Mizel wrote about nearly 10 years ago. This literally blew most people’s Internet marketing minds…

He called it “The Unlimited Traffic Technique” and the essence of it was this: IF you’re the guy/gal who makes more money off a web visitor than everyone else in the market, AND you offer a very generous affiliate commission, then most of the traffic in that market should tilt in your favor.

For example: I make $25 per lead, everyone else makes $10. Then I offer a $12.50 affiliate commission to the other merchants.

This makes them think “why the heck should I bother with customer service, cost of goods, shipping, product development, and all these other hassles when I can make $2.50/lead more from this other vendor for doing NOTHING but sending him the traffic?”

See what I mean?

And that’s what Dan Kennedy means when he says you need to “engineer the economics of your business so you can PAY MORE for a lead than everyone else in the market”.

This is contrarian to say the least… while every other business is trying to pay as little as possible, obsessing about efficiencies… you figure out how to pay MORE and you can dominate the market.

IF you can reach this position, the experience is literally mind blowing. Because whereas you previously had to beg for joint ventures, eek out a profit on exhaustively optimized advertising, or expend eons of precious time on search engine optimization or social media… all of a sudden everyone needs YOU.

It’s like holding a glazed ham in a room packed with Doberman Pinchers… you’ve actually gotta take care to protect yourself, they come at you so fast!

This means…

* You don’t have to continually worry about the rising costs of pay
per click, banner, and other media.

* You don’t have to spend all your time managing advertising.

* You no longer have to deal with the time-sucking black hole social
media can become (unless you want to).

* And you can spend your time working on developing back end
products, better customer service, and generally strategizing for
your business.

It really is a dream. How do you get there?

Get your website converting better than everyone else’s in the market. Make sure it turns a visitor into more dollars, on average, than all your competition.

How do you do THAT?

Dr. Glenn Livingston is a psychologist who’s spent a lifetime in advertising:

* He’s built several consulting companies which have earned more
than $20,000,000 from brands you’d recognize like Lipton, Panasonic,
Whirpool, AT&T, Bausch & Lomb, Kraft, Nabisco, American Express,
and many more…

* His work, companies, and theories have been featured in The
NY Times, The Los Angeles Times, Crain’s NY Business, The NY
Daily News, The Milwaukee Business Journal, The Indiana Star
Ledger, American Demographics, Marketing News, and many

* He founded and grew a 21 person internet marketing agency

* And he’s built over a dozen profitable internet markets himself in
his own publishing company.

Now Glenn is offering live, personal help to get your website converting. And for a limited time, the price is ridiculously low (I couldn’t believe it when I saw)…

I definitely endorse this, and I’d recommend you get in now while you can.

Or you could just keep struggling with traffic the hard way!

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